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Set of Shibumi Teak Bowls

Set of Shibumi Teak Bowls

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Serene elements of nature are crafted from natural teak wood to become the Set of 3 Shibumi Teak Bowls. Styled in modern organic interior, similar ideas to the Zen Philopshy can be shown throughout the teak decor. The Shibumi Teak Bowls share that Zen Philosophy, as the name itself means beauty in the understated. Compliment the 3 assorted sizes of the Shibumi Bowls with vibrant greenery filler. 

Renowned for its strength and low maintenance, the eco-friendly teak wood construction ensures long-lasting durability, meaning this set can be a prominent part of your decor for years to come.

L:15.5x15.5x3" M:12x12x3" S:8x8x2.5"

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