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Handmade Riser/Pedestals

Handmade Riser/Pedestals

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*Round base is a 7" D x 5" H pedestal made from a glass base with a wood top.              *Decorative base style is a 7" D x 4.5" H made from a candlestick and wood top.                    *Tall White Base/Stained Top is 13" h x 9" D top                                                                      *Gold Swirl Base SET: 9" d tops, 12.5" h and 10.5" h                                                            *Tall Wood Base/Cream Top is 13.25" h x 9" d

Perfect little lift for a special piece of decor, candle, or plant. These would also make wonderful lifts to display Christmas trees!

Handmade. Upcycled.

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