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Scented Tin Candles

Scented Tin Candles

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45+ hrs burn time.

12 oz. Rustic Corrugated Tin Candles fit into many decor styles, and make a charming gift. Approximate dimensions are 3.25 x 3.25. Each Tin has its own unique aged patina with some slightly more rustic than others. Double wicks and approximate burn time is 45+ hours. Pure soy candles made with clean fragrances that are great even for people who are sensitive to other commercial fragrances. These all smell amazing! I keep re-ordering and adding new scents. 

Love Story: Red Berries and Hydrangea with a hint of vanilla.

Lumberjack is a spicy warm fragrance with undertones of musk oak and a touch of smoke

Night Cap: fresh brewed coffee and bourbon

Cozy Cashmere: Soft and warm with cedar and vanilla

Sunset in Napa: Earthy greens with grapes and a touch of cream. Complex and beautiful.

Warm Cinnamon and Wild Tobacco: Cinnamon and tobacco leaves (not smoke)

Blood Orange: Zesty orange and cloves

Made in USA by Dandelion Wishes in Washington State

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